Friday, August 30, 2013


Notables-Australian History from Marg Yore on Vimeo.

It was really cool staying in character for a
day. I loved looking at others projects and costumes. It was interesting
learning about people that have shaped our history and honouring them. I
could tell that all the classes enjoyed it.  I was
also amazed at how I remembered my information and didn’t need my cheat
sheet. I’m glad we did this project, it was an amazing experience.

Luke This was a very different type of project with many different things to do
e.g dressing up, making artifacts and preparing a poster, poems and
questions. Over all I think this project was one of the best I've had.
It was hard to do because we had to learn all of the facts off by heart and be in character the whole time! I especially enjoyed it because we got to dress up and learn about famous Australians!
Let’s date back to the 1850s or even further to a place to meet our
ancestors and to meet the famous and infamous, the good and the bad
and to meet some remarkable people from long ago and explore their
interesting lives. Friday was a great learning experience for everyone who
was watching and admiring our working and for the people who were actually
doing the work. It was great showing our learning to the people who didn’t
know anything about these people and walked out with their head
overflowing with facts. But you may just be thinking about the
presentation of our knowledge... but how did we find out about these people?
We have been studying these people intensely in class and at home,
trying to find as many artefacts as possible for our presentations and we have been
spending every free minute we had working really hard on our projects and
trying to get as many facts as possible. Overall it was an amazing
learning experience.

Lights, Camera, Action.
Less complaining and more acting.
Less makeup and more ‘in character’.
This was awesome. This was hard.
This was an experience to remember.
 Dresses, Suits, Doctors Cloaks.
 Less Aussie 2000’s and more 1900’s.
 Less Aussie accent and more posh tosh.
This was amazing. This was fun.
“This was an olden days' item.”


It's that time of year again...full of hope that your team might be holding up the illustrious Cup! Who will it are some hopefuls!

Friday, August 23, 2013


What a fantastic Book Week it was! Wednesday's costumes around the theme, "Read Across the Universe," were highly creative. To end the week, the whole school sat and soaked up a wonderful presentation of everyone's "shelfies"-fabulous photos from home of our students with their bookshelves, showing off their favourite books.


Read to Buddies from Marg Yore on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 18, 2013


This week, we are going to be looking at another way to present the findings of our research.  We are always keen to present our learning in interesting and engaging ways and Infographics might be the perfect tool in some cases. Infographics provide visual summaries of a series of facts.  They tell a story with words and pictures.  They are harder to create than you might think as they require lots of preparation of facts (research), sorting of information (analysing), planning for presentation (presenting).

Infographics could be used as a great way to summarise our learning - we will look for opportunities when they would be just the tool we need.   

Here are some links to browse to explore the potential of Infographics
Create your own Playlist on MentorMob!

We wonder if any of our blogging friends have made their own Infographic?  What tool did you use to make them?  Do you have any tips for us? 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Painting Pictures with Words-Characterization

As our inspiration, we used Roald Dahl's "painting with words" as he introduced Miss Trunchbull. We studied and annotated his text before attempting our own description of a teacher, for better or for worse!

Weird, quiet and creepy...that's Mr Bicocca. It has always seemed that he was hiding something. There was always something different and out of place.
Sparkling, blue eyes, glossy blonde hair and a delightful comment every time you walked past. Nothing else could explain why butterflies could land on her finger!
Her misty, minuscule eyes created an immense stare that is the most frightening thing imaginable...her thin, colourless lips spat out random insults. Her long, gnarled fingers were like icicles, cold and irregular in shape...
With her naturally bright smile, Miss Edith is the most beautiful and charming teacher by far. She always wears her pretty purply-blue ruffle dress with her bright and cheery red cardigan. Her cute purply-blue glasses clash perfectly with her bright-and-cheery red flats. Joy, kindness and niceness are her forte...
In her horrifying face, no beauty is seen. She resembles a dares to look into her deadly eyes nor look at her devilish smile that gives children night mares.
The wind was strong and intense. Missy Chatter Chops rushed towards her chaotic classroom tripping and falling right into the closed door. She fell so hard and strenuously that the door fell right off its ancient, rusty hinges. "Oh dear , dear me," her blistery voice cracked and rang in the ears of all in the old, disordered classroom and along the silent, empty hallway.
If you had to describe her, three words would be enough. Just plain mean!  Mrs Toluga was the master of demons. She could control anyone, anyone at all. Her stare was so frightening you would feel as if a whirlpool was sucking you in.

Sunday, August 11, 2013


Sovereign Hill from Marg Yore on Vimeo.
Lizzy says, "To sum up, Sovereign Hill has been my favourite excursion yet and was a life-changing experience. I feel very lucky to have been able to learn in a really fun, interesting and exciting way."

Ivan thought, "It was very hard to find the speck of gold but, once you found it you felt really good!"

Daniel reflected, "I enjoyed the day because I learnt a lot including how the Eureka Stockade was penetrated and invaded."

Madeline reported, "Gold, news, people, crowds, mines,finds, Eureka! At Sovereign Hill you are given a door into 1850's Australia, at the heart of the Gold Rush....panning for gold was fun and was the thing I was most looking forward to. It is quite a skill and was much harder than I expected....what I enjoyed most about the lesson was the "Detective Box." My group had Samuel Taylor Gill. We discovered from the clues that he was English, an artist and an alcoholic."

Luke added,"I thought it was a good idea to have a person down at the creek to tell us how to pan for gold and then we got to try for ourselves....the mine tour was a real eye-catcher and seeing all the old shops such as the blacksmith and the lolly shop was a real reminder of the olden days."

 Simon, "For me, it was stepping back into the past. I was amazed at how great all the volunteers were at acting and some were quite funny and very entertaining. Walking into the lolly shop was spectacular, as it was just like a land of lollies."

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


As part of our buddy relationship, we decided to start storytime for Preps. We decided to start this because we saw all the Preps in the library at lunch trying to read their books but it was really challenging them so they asked us if we could read it to them. Because of that, every Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtime, we select three books and read it to them. They love it and so do we. They give positive feedback all the time. We interact really well now and they aren't too shy to have a little conversation. Madi, Jess and Mairead

Monday, August 5, 2013


For homework we had to create a model of something historical. It had to relate to Australian history, and we could use any materials. At first I had some trouble getting an idea, but I discussed some ideas at home and we thought making Aussie meat pies would be good. We had to make a poster to go along with the project. Here's some information I discovered: the first Aussie Four 'n Twenty meat pie was made in Bendigo in a small bakery in 1947.The Australian meat pie is so well liked around the nation it could almost be termed a national dish. For Aussies the meat pie is the treat of choice when watching sport. Basically this pie consists of a hand-sized pastry filled with minced meat and gravy – although it may also be filled with onion, cheese, mushrooms, chicken, seafood, crocodile, camel, vegetables or other fillings. Typically it is smothered in tomato sauce. It was great making the pies using lots of different ingredients. When I brought the pies to school my teachers helped me. My classmates were very excited and they enjoyed the pies and so did I. Some of the pies were labelled with history pins!

Friday, August 2, 2013


Today our whole school arrived in our PJ's to raise awareness about homelessness and to raise funds for Melbourne City Mission.