Monday, June 20, 2016

If I were the PM Competition

We have been busily preparing our speeches for the If I were the PM competition.

Ava described the process that we followed, "First we had to write our speech - long or short, then we worked with a friend and we timed each other so we knew whether to make it longer or shorter.  After that we edited our drafts to make it the right length.  The final stages were practising reading it out loud and then filming them"

The film crew (Alexa and Hannah A), experimented with a Chrome App, that allowed us to film and record straight to our Google Drive.  We also moved the camera around and tried to get the best results.

Tom thought "I thought it was good for learning how to speak out loud.  I liked how we write our own speech and said what we thought"

Friday, June 17, 2016


This week our learning in reading has been,"How to read worded Maths questions." Here is what we are thinking so far...

Declan: use the diagrams to help your understanding

Rosie: find key words about what the question is asking

Caitlin: the key words lead us to answer correctly

Hannah B: check the text and the diagrams before trying to answer the question

Jordi: if the question is tricky, eleminate the obvious non-answers

Can you help us with some more?

Sunday, June 5, 2016

100WC - Week 20

The 100WC presents us with ideas for writing and the challenge of responding in 100 words. Here are some examples of responses to this prompt:

As I sat on a bench  reading a book something strange happened. I felt a cold tap on my shoulder.Then I looked to my left. Suddenly a statue appeared. I wondered.
“That was strange,” I quietly whispered to myself.
“You got that right,” the statue replied. As I slowly turned my head around the statue was as still as a wall. Suddenly he started to move. “You got me, you got me,” the statue replied.
“I’m from another dimension,”said the statue. As I turned back around the statue disappeared.
“I’m never going to this bench again!” I declared.

“Hello, old chap,” the time traveler said.
“Wh…wh…who was that?” The old man jumped as he saw a bronze, eighteen hundreds man looking at him.
“Who are you..where are you… what time are you?” the old man was blurting out everything he was thinking.
“I’m from Werribee in 1854. You should also know I am a time traveler,” the time traveler explained.
“A TIME TRAVELER!” the old man screamed
“Well, I better be going now,” said the time traveler,
“Going! You only…” the old man couldn’t finish,
“Byebye” whispered the time traveler and the old man awoke.

Statue alive
Outside a cafe a man sat down near a statue. Sitting down, he started to read.  There was no one around that could talk to him. After he read one page, he heard someone whisper something.
”Who is there?” he asked.
He thought, “No one can talk to me. No one is here.” He heard the person say something again,
“I’m a statue that talks,” the statue whispered.
The man sitting next to the statue jumped, in surprise and yelled, “WHAT!”
Now it was time for the man to go, but he added, “I will see you again.”

Suddenly I found myself sitting on a chair next to a man who looked like he was from the future. I tapped him on the shoulder and asked…  
“Are you from around these areas?”  
“Yes, I live just over there,” the other man replied.
“I’ve never seen you here before,’’ I said with a big grin on my face.
That’s because my sister has a job here now,’’ the man started to exclaim.
“Wow!” I shouted, “Maybe I can get a discount.”
The man replied saying, “Sure.”
So I ran to the counter and asked
“Can I have a coffee?”…

I was reading my book on a bench with an old statue next to me. When I just finished the chapter, someone tapped my shoulder. I turned my left to see who it was. It was the statue. “A-are y-you a-alive?” I asked frighteningly.
“Yes,” the man replied “my name is Edward.
“Hello Edward” I squeaked, feeling a bit more confident “Have you ever talked to someone?”
“No,” Edward answered sadly ,“This is my first time.”
“Don’t be shy, just go out there,” I said. The statue smiled at me and I smiled back.