Friday, June 28, 2013


The soccer round robin will be upon us in week one of Term time for some training! So what is a teacher to do? Well if you're as lucky as us, you hand over the reins to the sport leaders and stand aside.

What a fantastic training session they planned and executed! Thank you for your leadership, skill and great goodwill! Your teachers are IMMENSELY proud of you!


Monday, June 17, 2013


This term we have been using learning intentions. Learning intentions are statements that help guide us throughout the lesson. If we were focusing on multiplying double digits, the learning intention might be, "We are learning to multiply double digits and apply them in a mental and visual way." We use the learning intentions in many things, especially maths. The learning intentions help all of us to know what we are focusing on and keep us on track. At the end of the lesson we go back to the learning intention to see if we have achieved what we were hoping to. I personally think that learning intentions help me to stay an track and to raise the bar.

Learning Intentions from Marg Yore on Vimeo.

Sunday, June 16, 2013



Confirmation from Marg Yore on Vimeo.

The silence....the interest...the stories...the wonders..feelings..knowledge...places...the learning...experiences...

I felt there was  avery different approach to today's learning. I loved listening to the stories of all the trips to Uganda.

I had so many questions and they were answered. We have chosen to bring the Good News!

This day was amazing because it really connected to me, my family and the class. The most amazing part was hearing the story about how the gorilla touched Paul's heart...when he touched his hand. This was an amazing day that really gave us the idea of what we need to know and also how we should be thankful.

The reflection day was such an amazing experience...I could feel what he (Paul) was feeling and all his amazing experiences really touched me. He taught us so much...the great things he had experienced and how to help others.

Today WAS and "awesome" day. It was very different to past experiences. At the Holy Cross Monastery, our presenter, Paul, talked to us about his experiences, working with children in Uganda. He had some symbols from Africa such as a vest made from bark, a giraffe, a nativity scene made form leftovers and a special garment. Also Monsignor Curtin talked to us about the ceremony and the gifts of the Spirit. We discussed social justice because of its strong connection to Confirmation.

I think Paul was very passionate about his work. he was touched by a gorilla coming over to him and holding his hand..then he (the gorilla) shoved him over and sat in his spot eating the vegetation!