Friday, September 23, 2011


When we began our design inquiry, "Tell Me a Story," we asked for ideas about puppetry from other bloggers. ERutherford suggested we survey our Preps to discover their favourite stories. And that's just what we did...thanks to ERutherford!

This action was about entertaining others and having fun at the same time! (Siobhon)
It was fun creating our own scripts from the stories selected. (Nic)
I was amazed at the Preps incredible feedback Their language was astounding and mature. (Mark)
The Preps were really engaged, so we think our puppets and plays were entertaining! (Gemma)
I learnt new skills such as sewing! (Cameron)
Everybody followed the design process to make their puppets-this process was really helpful. (Siobhon and Corinne)
Because we have collected lots of recycled materials, we have made really creative puppets! (Georgia)
The puppets reflected our individual styles of working. (Mairead)


Thursday, September 22, 2011


A concerned blog post from one of our senior students has led to a successful fundraiser for the people of the Horn of Africa. Congratulations to the student whose reflections led to "Crazy Hair Day" and lots of money raised!

Monday, September 12, 2011


In real life situations at school, we've discovered that decimals are used for money and for recording race times -we timed ourselves with stop watches and read our "decimal" race times!

Now can you help us please? In what real life situations have you used decimals? How else can we work with decimals at school?

Monday, September 5, 2011

IDIOMS inspired by our Book Week reading of "Two Peas in a Pod!"

An idiom is a group of words which, when used together, have a different meaning from the one suggested by the individual words, eg. it was raining cats and dogs! (see Collins Australian Dictionary)

After discovering a variety of idioms, we selected our favourites! Please add to our list with your favourite idioms and we will discuss their meanings and try and use them in our stories if we have the chance!

-a dime a dozen
-a leopard cannot change its spots
-bend over backwards   
-break a leg             
 -a doubting Thomas