Saturday, February 20, 2016


What an amazing experience it was watching my 3/4 class exploring Jackie French's picture story book, "Fire, for literary devices. Their excitement was palpable. Here's what they had to say!

Rosie: Dear Jackie French,
Today we read, “Fire.” “I really enjoyed how you used personification, similes and metaphors. Some examples are, "King fire has a short harsh reign" and "earth’s green children have come back, Peering from the word of black. "I also liked "hills bleached gold".
From Rosie!    


My favourite thing was all the great personification such as, ‘Earth's green children have come back.” I just could not stop myself from reading it over and over again. Can you please please write a book like this one . Bye from Alexa 


Dear Jackie,
Today we read, “Fire”. It was a fantastic book and the part I enjoyed was when used a simile with, “Winding like a small black snake”. I liked it because it went into the detail and fire is like a small black snake. And the illustrations were really realistic ...I loved the illustrations. I also I like how you called fire the "monster" or the "beast."


Dear Jackie ,
Today we read the book “Fire.” I really loved it when you used personification and wrote, “Trees licked by tongues of fire, Flames are laughing, higher, higher.” I also loved that simile when you wrote, “Winding like a small black snake.” But the reason why I really loved it was because you really got in there and described it very well.        

Thursday, February 18, 2016


Thanks to a great Scootle Object, we were able to explore our understanding of emotive language as a device that helps us when writing a persuasive text!

Emotive language means words that describe something and make you want to do that thing...Hannah A
Emotive language is a kind of text that we use for persuasive writing...Annie Caitlin
When you use emotive language, you are using your emotions to tell someone about something...Emma
Emotive language is emotions changed to words...Ava
...from Miles

With emotive language you are persuading the readers to come to the place you are advertising...Declan
...from Jordi

Emotive language is trying to convince people to change their mind...Miles
Scootle supports our learning!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Is Handwriting a Thing of the Past?

This is our first movie for 2016! We have been debating the worth of handwriting after finding out that Finland has scrapped the teaching of handwriting. The Years three and four students completed all the filming themselves! 

Is Handwriting a Thing of the Past? from Marg Yore on Vimeo.