Thursday, February 18, 2016


Thanks to a great Scootle Object, we were able to explore our understanding of emotive language as a device that helps us when writing a persuasive text!

Emotive language means words that describe something and make you want to do that thing...Hannah A
Emotive language is a kind of text that we use for persuasive writing...Annie Caitlin
When you use emotive language, you are using your emotions to tell someone about something...Emma
Emotive language is emotions changed to words...Ava
...from Miles

With emotive language you are persuading the readers to come to the place you are advertising...Declan
...from Jordi

Emotive language is trying to convince people to change their mind...Miles
Scootle supports our learning!


  1. Great activities thanks for sharing :)

  2. Dear Miles and Jordi - You really made me want to come to your tree surfing camp. I especially enjoyed the end of your's Miles. Jordi the part I enjoyed most was your start. From Caitlin.

  3. I really liked how everyone used nice emotive language it made me think do they do real camp. if you had to choose anything to write about what would you choose? I would choose tree surfing. keep up the good work Middle Matters

    From Hannah.A.

  4. Hi Middle Matters,
    I enjoyed reading all of your stories but I liked Caitlin's because of the start when it said "Come to our breathtaking surf camp". Some more I liked were Miles' and Jordi's. I liked Miles' because of how he started off and he said "Tree surfing is an action packed, breathtaking all age family experience!". I enjoyed Jordi's because when Jordi said at the start "Tree surfing is heaps of fun, there are fifty brilliant obstacles in each course".
    All was fantastic From Hannah B