Friday, May 15, 2015

Global Connections@Behind the News

Today we were listening to Carl the interviewer from" Behind the News" to see what it was like when he did the "Live Below the Line Challenge." The challenge was to only have $10 to spend on food over 5 days. We had learnt from viewing the episode. A more personal message came from Carl and the message he was trying to tell us was to be grateful for what we have and not take precious items for granted. It was great to ask him questions on Twitter about the challenge. It showed we can learn a lot about the world from outside our classrooms.-Jamie and Chloe

Monday, May 4, 2015


After reading a poem entitled, The Wind, we discovered it used many examples of personification. We decided to have a go at writing our own examples about the sun.  
Ciaran: The sun glared and pounced onto the hillside. He covered the earth with a bright, red cloak, and slapped sunburn onto helpless victims as he devoured the earth with his boiling flames. Stephanie:The sun baked the earth until it was golden brown. Her eyes watched over us until the moon rose. She guarded the sky until morning was nigh. Eden: The sun jumped into the sky. His long, warm fingers tickled the earth. His bright, yellow face glowed cheerfully at me. Joe:As the sun went for a rest, the moon, his friend, took his place. Travis:The sun spread his red arms across the land, hitting creation with his gentle hand. Hiding or shining bright, the sun goes to sleep when it reaches night.