Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Today, we had our first amazing experience with Ozobots: tiny, but powerful robots!

We discovered that:

-the robot changes colour when it is on a coloured line-the ozobot can sense lines and colours-certain patterns created a tornado-you could use a code to control the robot-colours and the order of colours means different things-the ozobot was confused by white-the ozobot reads lines

We are spending time researching in order to developing our understanding of how to programme our Ozobots!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Marvellous Maths Strategy for Problem Solving.

Maths Problem-Solving Strategy #1: Draw a Diagram

Hannah A: It's easier to look for patterns in the numbers-you don't always have to add everything.

Rosie: It causes you to be organised.

Miles: You can combine the strategy with other ones such as trial and error.

Lucas: you draw what you visualise.

Caitlin: you don't need words!

Annie: key words, when reading, are still important.

Sophie: you need to put the numbers (labels) on your diagrams.


Using the inspiration of Vincent Van Gogh, we created pastel sketches depicting "Autumn."