Friday, June 24, 2011


Finally we have decided on some of our actions. Thank you to all those who have commented on our blog!

Some students are growing plant food for the Orange Bellied Parrot. This idea came from our visit to Healesville Sanctuary.

Mark is having a fundraiser at school to raise a donation for the Tassie Devils Fund at Australia Zoo!
Conor wants to promote possum boxes in our gardens to protect our possums (who many just call pests!)

Another team has decided to promote "Wipe for Wild-life" which is a campaign to convince people to use recycled toilet paper! Again, we learnt all about this programme at Healesville Sanctuary.
Fin and his team are going to investigate whether we can assist in our local parklands. (see our magnificant local habitat photographed by our Middles photographers)

Three students have already joined FOTZ (friends of the zoo).

Thursday, June 9, 2011


What responsibility do we have to ensure that, in Australia, people and animals live in harmony?

This has been the guiding question for our study of endangered animals in Australia.

Our journey began with a visit to HEALESVILLE SANCTUARY east of Melbourne (photos courtesy of Healesville Sanctuary).

Now we are asking for your ideas for actions that we, as 8-10 year olds, can take to address this issue!