Friday, September 9, 2016


When you get outside, it's amazing how much can be learnt from one activity! Here's what we thought....

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Monday, September 5, 2016

I Am Australian


The Chorus of the song "We are Australian," says "We are one but we are many and from all the lands on earth we come, we’ll share a dream and sing with one voice I am,you are, we are Australian." It’s like a puzzle we are the pieces of the puzzle and eventually we will make a big puzzle.  

Artwork by Miles


Today we listened to the song,  “I am Australian.”   The question we had to answer was, What does this mean?

I thought the answer to this question was, that in each paragraph, was a different person’s point of view of their past and how they contributed to Australia’s history. People included the First Australians,Convicts and the First Fleet, World War 1 and 2, the landscape of Australia and Ned Kelly.

Artwork by Sophie
Caitlin: The song I am Australia is about the different perspective of different people’s point of view and that each person is an individual but together we are a family no matter where you come from.  There are three different perspectives No. 1 is about the First Australians, No. 2 is about the convicts and No. 3 is about gold-rush.  The song mainly means it doesn’t matter where you come from.. you are Australian.  
Artwork by Frances
To me, the song “I Am Australian” is kind of telling the story of when the convicts were sent to Australia. Here are some of the words in the song: “Endured the lash, dry and barren run, child of depression and mother lode”. Here is what they mean: “Convicts, no water, time of poverty and gold”. The song means to me that we are all different people from different backgrounds, but no matter what, we are all Australian. It is a very nice song and I hope you enjoy it!

Artwork by Ava


I came from the dream time from the dusty red soil plains........... Do you know that song? Do you know the rest of the song? What does that song mean to you?

Well, that song means that we are all Australian even though you might be a different nationality. The line "we are one, but we are many" means that you are one person but together we are one big family. 

There are 3 perspectives in the story. The first perspective is from the Aboriginals perspective, second- convicts and third- gold rush. 

Can you think of what it means to you? Watch the video!