Monday, November 21, 2011


While still a school boy, Ned Kelly bravely rescued a drowning class mate from a flooded river.The boy's parents were so grateful that they awarded Ned a green hero's sash. In their eyes at least, Ned was a hero.

Ivan... "I liked how Mark Greenwood put forward Ned's point of view in the told me that the darkest life will always have a bright side!"

Corinne....Mark Greenwood takes us on an amazing journey of Ned Kelly's life..I would never be brave enough to do any of the things he did. Amazing as this story (The Green Sash) was, it was one of the saddest stories I've heard. I guess we will never know if he really was a hero!"

Matt..."This book entranced me! It made me think about courage, bravery, evil and good and to see Ned Kelly's place in history. For instance, some peple think he is a hero and others think he is a cold-blooded killer. My opinion is he is a hero. What do you think? My favourite line is, 'Ned Kelly ran his bloody fingers through the green sash.' "

Elizabeth..."In this story Ned Kelly tells us about his life and how it was good and then bad and about how his beautiful green sash was once a reward for my opinion, Ned Kelly was forced into being a bushranger to protect his family and my final words to this piece of writing will be the same as his...such is life!"

Chloe....I enjoyed this story because I like how it was from Ned's point of view. The descriptions that I was attracted to were "paddocks turned to dust," "could bog a duck" and "struggled to scrape a living."...The Green Sash shows that Ned wasn't all bad and saved a life. But, he did murder police. I guess I'll have to think about it!"

Mairead....I was surprised that Ned Kelly saved Richard Shelton's life. How do you feel about it? I thought his last words, "Such is life," said to me..."life is like birth-growth-death-and there is no way to stop it.


  1. Hello Middle Matters,

    These are wonderful comments. I can see why you were interested in the book.

    In a time where the law was more for the wealthy and much less for the poor, and particularly the Irish poor, it would have been hard to make much of a living. Some people did turn to crime to seek justice. Some, such as Ned Kelly, entered our folklore.

    I have read stories and recollections from those who both thought Ned Kelly was a hero and a villain. As in all such stories, it depends on whether you were a victim of him or was helped by him in some way.

    Like Elizabeth, I've always most liked Ned Kelly's final comment, "Such is life."

    He bravely showed acceptance of his fate.

    Ross Mannell (teacher)
    NSW, Australia

  2. Your reflections on Ned Kelly and his green sash were really good. We didn't know the story of the green sash so it was great to share it with everyone.
    Your reflections show a lot of deep thinking and your vocabulary is very rich.
    Thankyou for sharing your learning!
    Mrs Verona Gridley and JuniorG

  3. I guess everyone faces situations in life where they have to choose, or in some cases, are forced, to act in a particular way.
    We are very lucky not to be in Ned's shoes......
    Make the best of the opportunities that present..... Try to do the right thing!
    Madeleine (Mairead's mum)

  4. Hi Middles,
    I really enjoyed reading the book about Ned Kelly and the Green Sash.
    Most people thought that Ned was a cold blooded person but, I believe that Ned was a heroe.

  5. Hey Middle matters
    i liked the book of NED KELLY and the GREEN SASH I agree with ivan even the darkest life may have a light side but some people will think he was a bad guy but some other people would think he was a hero i think he was a hero though

    from Nick.N

  6. Hi Middles

    Thanks for telling us about this story - it's the first time I have heard it. I enjoyed reading your comments and reflections. You are quite eloquent and even handed with your thoughts.

    Ms Scott

  7. Hi Middles
    Ned kelly and the Green sash
    was an awlsome story.
    like akon said Some people
    think Ned Kelly was a hero and
    some dontthink he is a hero,
    i think he is 50 50 because he did
    save some people and he killed
    some people
    From Gemma

  8. I didn't know Ned Kelly was so brave and cool, i am doing an assignment on him and that is the most interesting and best info yet, now I can add that to my assignment. that piece of info is great! (=