Thursday, November 24, 2011


MMY Speed Stacking on PhotoPeach!  We were lucky enough, through our Positive Education program, to have Australian Speed Stacking champions work with us! It must be up there as one of our favourite experiences this year!


  1. Hi Middies,
    I love the speed stacking.
    This was my favourite thing we did this year.
    I know you enjoyed too.
    From JBarclay

  2. Hi Middles
    I think the speed staking was relly fun.
    my higest score was 5.09
    Did any other people get higher than me.
    From Gemma

  3. Wow Middles! Looks like you had a fantastic morning learning how to speed stack. I loved watching all your faces filled with concerntration.

    Well done, Erika (James' Mum)

  4. Hi Middles,
    Great to see you learnig a new skill and having fun! I feel like I want to have a go!
    Maureen (Chloe's awesome mum)

  5. Hello Middles,

    Wow! Great work on the speed stacking it was my favourite thing to do this term. What where some of your times?
    From Caitie

  6. Glad you loved this incursion! I loved it as well, it's pretty awesome having the Australian Coach at our school teaching us!! Keep practising and you will be developing lots more than your speed stacking skills!!
    Cheers Mrs Bellesini

  7. Hi Middles
    I had NEVER heard of speed stacking - but then I had a little look on the internet and I see that it is a BIG thing! I am not certain I would excel at it, do you think it is easier for young people? How did your teachers get on with it? It looks great for co-ordination and concentration!
    Mrs M
    A Room with a View