Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Remembering on Anzac Day...Response to Text-"Lone Pine."

 Reading the moving story of "Lone Pine," inspired our writing today. The authors are Susie Brown and Margaret Warner and the illustrator Sebastian Ciaffaglione.
Leah wrote: Based on a true story, "Lone Pine" really moved my soul! In a battlefield in Turkey, two brothers far away from home have to suffer losing their youngest brother in battle. They send a pine cone to their mother...not knowing it would turn into a symbol of remembrance! Lest we forget!
Jia-Yi wrote:  "Lone Pine" is a moving and powerful true story. The authors use short, sharp and powerful sentences to get straight to the point...the story appealed to me because of the dramatic and dynamic vocabulary, for example, "solitary" and "memorial." I also realised that many things resembled the three brothers who fought in the war. For example, the three seeds grew into three saplings, two of them stood tall, while the third withered away. This story reached out to touch my heart. Lest we forget!

Harry wrote: The weather is foul. I can see a storm coming. It is nearly time. The real fight is about to begin. I can sense it. Many will be lost. I'll be lucky to survive...my one wish is to survive this terrible war along with my brothers......the war has finally come to an end. Somehow I survived but, I have yet to find my little brother, and I fear that I might never see him again...
These might have been some of the soldiers'  thoughts. The battle of Lone Pine is a truly moving story that shows us the pain and sadness of war and how it can affect us all. But the lives lost were not soon forgotten, and every year, all around Australia, we remind ourselves of the lives lost!  Lest we forget!

Chloe O wrote: This story is sad, with the classic Anzac Day message, lest we forget. The short powerful sentences harden the story and catch our attention. I thought the pine saplings used as symbols worked well. It is sad to think this is a true story. The illustrations were very striking, especially the two dawn scenes, one with the young pines them the lone old pine tree.

 Jess K wrote: This book is very powerful. I loved the strong language and powerful illustrations that really painted the picture! I loved how one little pine seed could make a big difference in someone's life... Lest we forget!