Friday, June 20, 2014


Girls' Report:

Corinne: Today was really fun and a thrilling experience for us. The girls lost a game, drew one and won five. We were very happy with how we played and everyone from the team stepped up and played a little better. Overall I think everyone has improved from today and we have a awesome day to remember!!

Boys' Report:

Tom and Dan: The soccer round robin was great fun. We were undefeated before we lost in the final against Holy Family 2-0. It wasn't an ideal outcome but we had plenty of fun all the same. We all played well and are extremely happy that we even made it to the final.  Thanks to Ms V for all her support.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

100 Word Challenge - Brazil!


I can't believe that we made these seats! They were the very last ones so we're very lucky to see the World Cup Final, England versus the Netherlands. I've got my for the whistle...there it goes! It's a great start. Things are looking good for England. "Ooooh," goes the crowd, Gerrard's been fouled and he's earned a free kick right in front of goal. He lines up, takes stock of the situation and goes for it. The ball is followed by every eye in the crowd and, "Yes, it's a goal!" But, I guess that's what happens when you're in Brazil, watching the greatest game of all!

Monday, June 2, 2014


After watching this media clip,we
have some opinions about vaccination and whether or not it is a good thing!

Madison asks," In the future, would you give your child a vaccination? I certainly would because what if one day, all of a sudden, your child contracts whooping cough? What did you do? Did you not give your child a vaccination? is one quick jab and the pain is gone!

Ivan believes: Vaccinations are very important for keeping away diseases but, some believe they can cause side effects. Is this really true? Although vaccinations may cause side effects such as a fever for a day, they are very minor and shouldn't be anything to worry about.

Madeline comments:  Having vaccinations could possibly save your life, though many believe otherwise. Many believe vaccinations have side effects such as disabilities or even death. None of this is true. Vaccinations actually prevent diseases and help create a healthy immune system.

Will C notes: A lot of people don't believe in immunisation beacuse they think it's not natural for the body.However, vaccinations are known to help many people around the world...scientist have proven the bad effects aren't true.