Friday, April 22, 2016


Our Oobleck Experiment:

This week we made Oobleck! We mixed cornflour and water and watched for the reaction. We were amazed to see that Oobleck could act as a solid or a liquid, depending on how we treated it!

First of all, our reflection about doing science....

Ava: science is fun because it's about trying something different!
Emma: I enjoy the hands-on approach of science
Eva: we learn from seeing and doing- I like learning that way
Ben: agreed that a hands on approach is a great way to learn
Annie: everyone got a go at being involved in an experiment
Lucas: I love the fun and mess of science
Tom: Science is important for future learning

Now for our conclusions about Oobleck....

Ben thought it happened because the corn flour solidified it and the water made it liquify
Alexa thought that because you mixed a solid and liquid together, it was like they were fighting to be the star
Tom thought there was a chemical reaction between the water and the cornstarch
Caitlin thought it was because there was a solid and a liquid and the solid kicked in with pressure and the liquid had no pressure
Jordi learnt that when you hold the oobleck the "cogs" hold it together and when you relax your hold, the "cogs" separate

Now we'll ask the scientists??

So we Tweeted it and this is what has happened so far? 
So now one of the Middle MY students will try Cam's suggestion  for their personal learning task!

Monday, April 18, 2016


We have been using a rubric to self-assess our writing. This is what we thought about afterwards!                    

 Annie said, "You can use your mistakes to improve."

Emma reflected, " You get to know your strengths and challenges and begin to work on the challenges."

Ben thought, "You know what you are good at so you can improve in other things."

Ava said, "It helps you know what you should improve upon."

Alexa noted," You will know where to improve the next time you write this sort of text!"

Monday, April 11, 2016

Coding Adventures begin

Today we learnt about a tool that allows us to make a computer do the things we want it to. We started with a simple program called Scratch Jr.  (thankfully there is a Chrome Store App for this and we can use it on our Chromebooks)
Here are some of the things we learned :

I learnt how to make my cat small then big – Emma
I learnt how to change a background – Jordi
I learnt how to program my cat – Tom
I learnt how to change my sprite – Sophia
I learned how to turn to the right and left – Ebony
I learnt how to change my background – Ava
I learnt how to add characters – Niamh
I learnt how to program a different way to what I knew – James
I learned to change my person and make voices – Rose
I learned how to make sounds – Lucas
I learnt how to make a cat invisible and visible. – Sienna
I learnt to change my cats direction – Siena
I learnt how to get big then small – Elva
I learned that you can make a play out of Scratch – Chantelle
I learned how to change animals and make plays – Matthew
I learned how make a voice – Jennifer
On Scratch Jr I learnt to change the background and add new characters I also learnt to change the colour of my cat – Raphael 
I learned how to change my person’s colour – Sam
I learnt that you can make your sprite talk – Caitlin
I learnt how to make it flip, small and big – Annie 
I learned to change characters – Hannah
I learnt how to change the colour of the person – Zach
I learnt that you can make the cat move over and over again –Hannah 
I learnt how to make him talk and how to turn him into a lizard – Ava
 I learnt how to make 2 different pages on 1 project – Sophia
I learnt how too use Scratch – Frances
I learnt how to change characters and delete them. – Declan
I learned to shrink and grow – Mia
On the first video I learnt how to make a car move. On the second video I learnt how to make animals race . – Frances
I learnt how to make a race! – Patrick
I learnt sounds speed and race’s and everything – Emma 
It was great I could make a dog shoot a Basketball into a basketball hoop with only using three buttons – Lucas

We also used Google Classroom to shared our resources (our toolbox), our learning and our questions.
It was really exciting to see what we achieved in just one hour.  Watch out for more sharing about this fun new adventure.
Why code? 

Monday, April 4, 2016