Sunday, October 19, 2014

Going Google's Great!

Day One: new Chrome Books .1:1 for the Seniors. An excited buzz fills the air in Rooms 5 and 6!

And this is what we're thinking.

How will Chromebooks help my learning?

The Chrome books create a new path of learning and make it easier to learn (some things.) They are really fast, meaning that we can get to work much faster and we’ll be able to do more work. There are a range of tools to learn with, present with, ways to store information and help to find what we need. It’s great to have one each because this way we all get to do work. It is easy to find Google Chrome and this makes it easier to share information. Chrome books are light and portable, which helps when it comes to storage!
...It is also easier and faster access to google drive. The teacher can also put a site on everyone's chromebook which is faster than giving everybody the link and waiting for everyone to get on the site.
I believe my school buying chromebooks was a great idea!!


I think that the chromebooks are cool and epic. I learnt that you can change your google chrome and your desktop background as well.They are very fast and load up within seconds which makes this a good computer. Google are innovative and smart to make these devices great for kids and adults for learning. Chromebooks could be the future for schools and businesses.

How will Chromebooks help me with my learning?

I think they will create a huge impact on my learning by getting quickly on internet. I can get onto google drive in a couple of seconds. Which makes it easier than having to go to my tub and grab my book try to find a pen which usually wastes a lot of my time. It also makes it easier to spell things correctly because of the spell check. I personally think it gets more work done than writing in my book. I also enjoy being on it which helps me do my work faster.

I think the chrome books will help me with my learning because they provide a quick way to access many apps like dictionary and thesaurus.

They load more quickly than the old windows computers. They are lighter and easier to use. With the cases we are given it will keep our chrome books safer. They do automatic updates as well and 8.5 hour battery life. IT ONLY TAKES 9 SECONDS TO TURN ON!!!Chrome books are a great update to our school's technology!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's a Goal!

It's that time of year again! Goal setting time! This morning, goal setting was well on the way. Each of us was busily thinking about what we would like to achieve this Term. After a quick chat to a partner for some advice, we all got set to our 'SMART' charts (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely.) We all hoped to achieve these goals by the end of the Term. Hopefully we will be able to score these goals by the end of the Term! Here are some of our charts...Maddie

Monday, October 6, 2014


Hello, readers and fellow Seniors. Welcome to Term 4!

Our Inquiry for this term is natural and man made disasters. We're not only going to make a model and that's that, we're learning about how to prepare for and collaborate in times of disaster.