Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Sun is Shining, the Wind is Blowing, So Why Still Burn Coal? (Natalia's wise question.)

The Middle Matters experts have their say..
Can the Government reduce our use of coal in the future? Many people are saying that this mission won't be easy, but if the government stops thinking about money, it would make it a lot easier.

There are alternatives to burning fossil fuels. Wind turbines and solar panels have been harnessing energy and could potentially be the way of the future.... Madeline

Renewable energy is possibly the end to all of our electricity problems - it's easier, safer to manage, it's unlimited and it's good for the environment...except for one major downfall - the price! Renewable energy is more expensive than coal and not everyone can afford that....Tom

Though the technology for renewable energy is expensive, some people believe this is the way to go because it doesn't pollute the air and is completely renewable....Ivan

Many years ago, the government wanted  20% of our energy to be green by 2020. Now, energy prices  have increased, the plan is being reviewed and may decrease or be forgotten in time.

Green energy is the future, but what exactly is green energy? Green energy is energy made from nature - renewable and sustainable. We can collect energy from water, waves, wind and sun....Jonathan