Friday, June 5, 2015


Greetings. Last week the seniors were involved in a talk about Arduino, a special programming product. Our ICT teacher had talked to them through twitter and asked if they could do special lessons with some seniors. So last week we had this talk to learn about Arduino so students could see what it is like and get involved. I would really like to become involved in this to learn about programming and to make gadgets.  Angus

Thursday, June 4, 2015


On Tuesday evening the Seniors gathered with their parents to present their learning about Confirmation. What I liked was how we were able to share our learning about Catholic Social Teaching and the Gifts of the Spirit and how they connected to our Confirmation.
On Tuesday evening we ran lectio divina with our parents. This is a prayerful way of looking at scripture and allows the Spirit to be with us. When people share their thoughts we all feel connected to         the readings.
    Tessa and Alex
 Tuesday evening was a time for  connecting Confirmation to our inquiry  topic, “Why Justice?” We made the  connections by reflecting on justice issues  around the world and how they challenged  us. The night was an overall success. Both  parents and students were deeply engaged  in the listening and the learning. All the  parents enjoyed seeing the research and  icons of our saints.   Amelia