Thursday, June 9, 2011


What responsibility do we have to ensure that, in Australia, people and animals live in harmony?

This has been the guiding question for our study of endangered animals in Australia.

Our journey began with a visit to HEALESVILLE SANCTUARY east of Melbourne (photos courtesy of Healesville Sanctuary).

Now we are asking for your ideas for actions that we, as 8-10 year olds, can take to address this issue!


  1. Richard CallananJune 9, 2011 at 10:35 PM

    Good work on your Middle Matters Blog. Hope you all enjoyed Healesville.
    One idea you may be to identify the birds and animals around your school. Alert your school community about any of them that may be endangered. Write about them on your blog. Perhaps identify them in a slideshare or photopeach.
    Hope it goes well.
    Regards Richard Callanan

  2. Dear Middles,
    It is difficult to decide what to do that would make a difference. You could contact Healesville or Blackburn Lake again and ask what they are doing and how you could contribute or develop it in our school, homes and communities. Can we contribute to protecting a habitat for a particular animal?

  3. Are there any animals in Blackburn South that are in need of support/care?

    Any groups of people? Can these 2 groups be brought together somehow?

    How could you highlight to the community at latge the importanceof caring for these groups/animals?

    FRom Ms Scott

  4. The number one thing I think you should do is promote responsible domestic pet ownership. I live in a semi-rural area with beautiful native flora and fauna and unfortunately all too often I see dogs roaming freely. And, in the past we have had wild dog (domestic x dingo) problems.

  5. The Powerful Owl is an endangered species in Blackburn. There are a family of the owls that live in Jeffrey St. Perhaps you could do further studies on how to protect the owl. Find out about its diet, habitat etc.
    You could do some XtraNormal Animations to tell the community what you have discovered about Endangered species and how we all can help.
    Good Luck!

  6. Hi Middle Matters firstly I have to say how impressive your blog is, well done.
    One thing you could do to help our endangered animals is through habitat design. Investigate the habitat of some of the animals you want to protect and create that habitat in the gardens of your school.
    Good luck!

  7. Good work on your blog, its a very important topic to study. Perhaps you could find out what are the endangered animals in the Blackburn area, what sort of habitats they need, and try to make sure that there are plenty of these habitats around, and if needed create some more. There may already be groups in the community that would be able to help to organise the "building" of such habitats if needed.
    Sean and Cate Harford

  8. Wow, I enjoyed reading this post and all the thoughtful comments. Your readers have left many good ideas. I like the possibility of creating a habitat at your school. If that could work to make a bit of a bird sanctuary right in your school, wouldn't that be neat?

    I also thought a good idea was to learn more from Healesville Sanctuary. They are doing some things and could give you some realistic ideas you can use.

    Mrs. Krebs

  9. Hi Middles,
    Have you thought more about your action. The comments on your post were very helpful, I thought. Maybe you could partner with a group that is already doing great work and promote it in some way.
    I'd love to hear how you are going with your action.
    Mrs Clark