Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Celebrating Reading, Writing and Thinking!

Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks's latest collaboration, "The Dream of the Thylacine," has linked beautifully with the Middles' current inquiry  "Endangered Animals" and inspired our young writers.

C. O'Malley writes:

The front cover seems to be showing the thylacine in pain, roaring at what it once dominated. The description of the cage makes it sounds really horrible and I instinctively feel sorry for the thylacine. Did it have to go through so much pain? I believe this is a true story.

"The Dream of the Thylacine" shows the comparison between captivity and the wild, where the thylacine belongs. The dull colours show sadness and the bright illustrations, show happiness. The last illustration shows that the thylacine belongs with the wild land and   dreams with it. When the thylacine died, the land took it home...where it longed to be....where it was happy. The thylacine deserved a much better life!

N.Kinsella writes:
I think the language was really effective in "The Dream of the Thylacine." I felt like I was part of the story.The illustrations were amazing and really caught my attention. I loved the way Ron Brooks used real images of the last thylacine and his own drawings as well. The story tells how, back then, they had really bad zoo enclosures with cold floors and cement.

C. Brennan writes:
I liked the story, mainly because of the way the illustrator juxtaposed the dark and colourful illustrations.I loved the way the author used the language which had a big impact on me. From what the author wrote, I could easily tell the story was coming from the thylacine's point of view. Just as this book was great to listen to, it also challenged me to think deeply and it had an emotional effect on me. It makes me sad to think how on earth we could be so harmful to the animals a long time ago. But yet I feel happy because of the change of heart we have had and now I hope all animals are safe.


  1. What wonderful relective writing Middle MY. You have developed such deep vocabulary to express your feelings and views. Well done.
    I wonder what it would be like to meet a Thylacine?
    Mrs Verona Gridley

  2. There is some beautiful thinking being demonstrated in that writing. Well Done Middles, you have made me want to re-read that book.

  3. Wow! Really powerful writing about a beautiful and touching story.
    Fantastic work Middles. Very inspiring!
    Mrs Kennedy

  4. Hi Middles,
    What fantastic writing about the Thylacine. You have reflected really well on the author's purpose for writng this story. Well done.
    Mrs Mac

  5. Wow!!!! What amazing writing! Congratulations for some wonderful reflections and responses. I saw these examples when l was in parramatta with 100 other principals and l shared with them the great work you were doing and how your writing was on this blog!!! The were very interested to hear how hard you try when you out work onto the blog and they were very keen to go back to school and have a look at your examples
    Congratulations for the way you push yourself to do great thinking and learning! You have made me want to get the text on which you reported and read it for myself?? I wonder how are you feeling knowing that many people have read your work and commented too? How does the blog help you learn and improve???

  6. Mairead: By having our writing published, it inspires us to be better writers.

    Georgia: We can learn from others and they can learn from us-for example our Chicago friends.

    Gemma: We learn together by thinking.

    Nic: I think it's really good how we can talk to students in other countries to see how they learn best.

    Chloe: Having my work published makes me feel proud.Sharing ideas inspires us to do more.

  7. I've never heard of this story before but it has got me thinking about how we treat our wildlife.

  8. This story sounds really amazing. Your reviews show that you can really see how the writer and illustrator work together to express the themes. Keep up the great work!
    From Sonya

  9. Madeline and CarmenJune 24, 2011 at 9:43 AM

    Hi Middle my,
    We liked your refletcions on the Dream of the Thycaline. We read the book in class. We like this story because it shows how the last Tycaline felt.

  10. Dear middles
    Wow what a great refelction of the book when I saw the book I knew that it was a good one I hope you enjoyed the book to!

  11. Hi Middle MY
    I really liked your reflection's on the Dream Of The Thylacine. I really like the illustrations and the text, it made me really sad for the last Thylacine.