Friday, May 20, 2011

Learning with Chicago

Our friends in Chicago created a video to tell us about themselves

So we made our own for them (sorry about the blurry quality)

This is the link to the Voicethread - which hopefully you can see without logging in


  1. kia Ora,

    I didn't realize that Melbourne has so many attractions!!!. I really want to go to the MCG and watched New Zealand beat Australia by 10 wickets in cricket. Now that would be Awesome!!!

    Mr Thurlow

    Room 2, Burnham School, New Zealand

  2. Dear Room 2

    Middle Matters says,
    Thanks for the comment but we don't think that's too likely!

    From the Middle matters

  3. Sonya O'FarrellMay 23, 2011 at 10:23 PM

    Wow! What a wonderful video you've created for your online friends in Chicago. I bet they will all want to come and visit Melbourne to see it for themselves. Maybe when you grow up, you could all work for Tourism Australia!
    From Conor's Mum

  4. Dear Room 2,
    Daniel asks - "What are some of the field trips that you go on? Do you play basketball and baseball too?"
    Natalie says - "I really liked your video. Thank you for teaching us about your games."
    Nicole says - "You have some cool places there."
    Emma says - "I thought your video was very detailed."
    Owen says - "What was the game called that had yellow bats and the big ball?"
    Hayden says = "You are good at bayblading. We also have bayblading."
    MRs. Shabat and Ms. Glassman's class in Chicago

  5. From Ms. Rosenberg's Class:
    Rachel says - "I didn't know that Melbourne was so much like Chicago."
    Spencer says - "I've played bayblades. They're like Bakugan."
    Ethan says - "Your Eureka Tower is like our Sears Tower."
    Elise says - "Luna Park looks really fun. I feel like I'd like to go right now."
    Carrie says - "Luna Park is a lot like our Great America."
    Alexandra says - "Melbourne is really beautiful!"
    From Mrs. Shabat and Mrs. Rosenberg's class

  6. Dear students in Chicago,
    Thanks for your questions.We call field trips excursions. This year we've been to Task Works (a fun activity centre that explores the way we learn),Healesville Sanctuary (where our animals live in their natural habitats) and Blackburn Lake (to see our local animal habitats). When you saw us with the bat and ball, we were playing a fun version of the game called cricket.The proper games is played with a wooden bat and a small, leather ball.

    Seven of our 25 students play competitive basketball. Baseball is played but it's a minor sport in Australia.We call your football, soccer, because we play another game called football or "Aussie Rules!"

    Enjoy your holidays. It's school time here.

    Best wishes from

    The Middle Matters

  7. Hi everyone,
    Do you have a glass box to stand in in Sears Tower? OH!Also, I've performed in "Federation Square" in a special theatre there called BMW Edge!

  8. Hi Middles

    This learning exchange with your new friends in Chicago (the windy city, much like Melbourne!)is fantastic. I look forward to reading more about the learning experiences that you might share in the future.

    From Ms Scott

  9. It was clever how you faded the music in and out. Slim Dusty was a good choice. My favorite place in Melbourne is the Strand arcade where Gog and Magog strike the clock.

  10. Congratulations! What a great video! I can't wait to show it to my pupils. And your English is so clear that they are going to understand almost everything.


  11. Great video - we all loved it Looking forward to further comments and questions

  12. To the students in Chicago,
    What are some of your native animals, and which are endangered?

  13. Hello.Mairead speaking,
    I really,really,really enjoyed makin' this movie.