Sunday, May 15, 2011


The Middles have had lots of fun using the Australian animals at Healesville Sanctuary to support our learning about nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs! We used our own photographs. It all makes sense now! That's what our teacher hopes! Here's what we wrote....

...golden dingo stretching wearily..

...dangerous Tasmanian Devil snarling menacingly...

...long-winged wedge-tailed eagle soaring anxiously...

...tired koala dozing peacefully...

...deadly brown snake arching threateningly...

...yellow-mouthed tawny frogmouth gobbling hungrily...  platypus swishing excitedly...

...giant beaked pelican spreading its wings widely...


  1. I love the word pictures you have created - great use of language Middles !
    Oh and by the way, your photos are great too.

  2. Amazing animals! Love your photos, and your highly descriptive sentences to go with them... here in Yorkshire, England we've never seen any of those animals - even in our zoos! I don't think they would like our landscape or climate.
    Class 2 say 'Awesomely incredible animals, photographed beautifully!'

  3. Dear Mrs Monaghan and Class 2,
    Thank you for your comment.We loved your clever reply.
    Mrs Yore and the Middle Matters

  4. What fabulous descriptive language! The pictures help me imagine these animals and their behaviours. Keep up the great work!

  5. Hi Students
    It was great to see you at Healesville Sanctuary.I love your photos and the words that you have written. I hope your visit to Healesville Sanctuary continues to inspire you to produce great work. Congratulations on your effort.

  6. What vivid images! You've painted pictures with your words...

  7. what was the tawny frogmouth eating? we have some that live near our house and we often wonder what they have for dinner!
    Maureen and Bernard

  8. Nice Animals Middles, I think your blog is great.

    From Steve and Bernie Brennan

  9. Looks like you had a great trip to Healesville Sanctuary. You described it so well, and with the help of the pictures, we could imagine being there also. Claires favourite was seeing the koala snoozing in the tree, Cate liked the description of the baby platypus.
    Cate Harford and Claire Mazar

  10. I really enjoyed reading your colourful sentences, Middles! Well done. You were clearly inspired by your visit to Healesville. Keep up the fantastic writing and remember, the whole world is watching, so always present your very best work!
    Mrs. Rutherford