Monday, May 4, 2015


After reading a poem entitled, The Wind, we discovered it used many examples of personification. We decided to have a go at writing our own examples about the sun.  
Ciaran: The sun glared and pounced onto the hillside. He covered the earth with a bright, red cloak, and slapped sunburn onto helpless victims as he devoured the earth with his boiling flames. Stephanie:The sun baked the earth until it was golden brown. Her eyes watched over us until the moon rose. She guarded the sky until morning was nigh. Eden: The sun jumped into the sky. His long, warm fingers tickled the earth. His bright, yellow face glowed cheerfully at me. Joe:As the sun went for a rest, the moon, his friend, took his place. Travis:The sun spread his red arms across the land, hitting creation with his gentle hand. Hiding or shining bright, the sun goes to sleep when it reaches night.

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