Monday, September 5, 2011

IDIOMS inspired by our Book Week reading of "Two Peas in a Pod!"

An idiom is a group of words which, when used together, have a different meaning from the one suggested by the individual words, eg. it was raining cats and dogs! (see Collins Australian Dictionary)

After discovering a variety of idioms, we selected our favourites! Please add to our list with your favourite idioms and we will discuss their meanings and try and use them in our stories if we have the chance!

-a dime a dozen
-a leopard cannot change its spots
-bend over backwards   
-break a leg             
 -a doubting Thomas


  1. Hi Middle M,
    I love idioms and use them often (even if the Preps don't really get them!) My favourite idioms are 'just pulling your leg', 'a no brainer', 'and that's that' and 'on the bright side...' just to name a few. Have fun exploring idioms and let us know if you work out the meaning of some of the trickier ones.
    Mrs Swann

  2. Hi Middles,Here's one I say to Nic all the time....You're worth your weight in Gold!!!
    Happy writing,
    From Andy

  3. Hi Middles!

    What a great topic. I love 'pull your socks up'. Do you know what that means?

    Mr Kennedy remembers 'get your head out of the clouds' possibly because he was a dreamer?

    I wonder if Mrs Yore can explain this one 'can talk the leg off an iron pot'

    I love idioms and I can't wait to see how many more you collect.

    From Mrs Kennedy
    Go Pies!

  4. Thanks, Mrs Swann, Andy and Mrs Kennedy. We had fun with those idioms.
    The Middles

  5. Hi Middles,

    Some idioms I like are "to take a leaf out of someone's book", "a school of thought" and "to bite off more than one can chew".
    It's funny how sometimes we use idioms and don't even realise - when you think about them, some are quite strange!

    From Alison.

  6. Hi Middle MY
    I say to Siobhon all the time she is as "pretty as a picture" and she is!!
    One I like saying is 'practise makes perfect'and one Peter likes saying is 'ïf you can't beat them, join them'

    Kirsty Alderton

  7. Hi Middles,
    Here are a few idioms for you.....

    dressed up to the nines
    we haven't got a snowball's chance in hell!
    at the end of my tether
    on the pig's back
    putting it on the long finger
    there'll be wigs on the green
    up to ninety
    you put the heart crossways in me
    as thick as two short planks
    as sick as a small hospital!

    Have fun finding out what they mean!
    Sonya and Feargal

  8. Dear Everyone,
    Three very common idioms I know and use are "close but no cigar", "a taste of your own medicine" and "a piece of cake".
    Looking at idioms is really fun.