Friday, September 23, 2011


When we began our design inquiry, "Tell Me a Story," we asked for ideas about puppetry from other bloggers. ERutherford suggested we survey our Preps to discover their favourite stories. And that's just what we did...thanks to ERutherford!

This action was about entertaining others and having fun at the same time! (Siobhon)
It was fun creating our own scripts from the stories selected. (Nic)
I was amazed at the Preps incredible feedback Their language was astounding and mature. (Mark)
The Preps were really engaged, so we think our puppets and plays were entertaining! (Gemma)
I learnt new skills such as sewing! (Cameron)
Everybody followed the design process to make their puppets-this process was really helpful. (Siobhon and Corinne)
Because we have collected lots of recycled materials, we have made really creative puppets! (Georgia)
The puppets reflected our individual styles of working. (Mairead)



  1. Dear Classmates,
    Making puppets for the preps was really fun. I think the preps really enjoyed it. I learnt the new skill of sewing. Puppet making was a good inquiry.Well done everybody.
    Happy Holidays!

  2. Hello Middle MY
    I think it was easy for the Preps to give such positive feedback because they were so engaged and entertained by your shows. They loved the settings and your puppets. I thought the scripts were very funny and well written.
    What a great action you have taken - exploring the design process to make your puppets and creating entertaining shows that were perfect for the Preps to enjoy.
    Great work once again!
    Mrs Kennedy

  3. Hello Middle Matters Bloggers,
    It is Mrs Grasso here dropping by to have a look at your amazing blog!

    Students at my school have only been blogging for a term and next term will be exploring lots of blogs to learn lots more! I can't wait to share all the amazing things you have added to your blog!
    A friend of mine who is a new teacher is teaching about puppets, I will show her your blog and your great learning and experiences!

    Do you enjoy having a class blog?
    Does every student have their own blog?

    Thanks for sharing your great blog with the world and I can't wait to share your class blog with the students at my school!

    Happy Blogging
    From Mrs Grasso :)

  4. Hi Middles

    get job on the puppets I think all your puppets where really creative work the plays where fab good job everyone