Friday, June 17, 2016


This week our learning in reading has been,"How to read worded Maths questions." Here is what we are thinking so far...

Declan: use the diagrams to help your understanding

Rosie: find key words about what the question is asking

Caitlin: the key words lead us to answer correctly

Hannah B: check the text and the diagrams before trying to answer the question

Jordi: if the question is tricky, eleminate the obvious non-answers

Can you help us with some more?


  1. Read the text over and over again and if their are answers that you know for a fact that are not the right answer you can eliminate them then keep on working of that.

    -Jack C

  2. Hello Middle Matters,
    My strategy is to Pick out the main key points of the Problem and then you can Figure out the Sum... Then the Answer...
    For Example: Farmer Brown had 8 apples and needed to divide the between 4 friends. How many apples does each friend get.
    This is Simple but The problem says 8 apples then there is a Divide then 4 friends.
    This Concludes to 8 Divided by 4 Equals... 2
    Keep up the Good work guys!

  3. Read the entire sentence before answering

  4. Dear Middle MY,
    here's a strategy for maths,
    if you have 18+5=? You can take away 2 from 5 which makes 20 then add the left over number and you have the answer! :)

    Lachie B

  5. Hi Middle MY
    I thought your strategies were really good and here is an example for you guys.

    Will had 45 apples and 9 friends and he had to share them equally among all of his friends.
    You then do 45 divided by 9 =
    So you just turn it into an equation.
    Keep up the good work.

    Jack P

  6. Hi Middle MY,
    Those are great strategies. I have used some of those strategies before. I just have one more for you. Read the question or story and then pick the key words and work the problem or sum out.

  7. Hi Middle MY,

    Another strategy for maths problems is to make sure whether the sum is an addition, subtraction, division or multiplication question before you answer it.


  8. Hi Middle MY,
    I thought your strategies were very good and helpful. Another strategy could be Listening to songs or rhymes e.g for negative and positive numbers the ninja song

  9. Hi Middle MY,

    You can find the key words and put them into a sum.
    eg:I had 67 lollies and I ate 46 how many do I have left?
    If I ate some of the lollies I took them away which means I am doing subtraction so my question would be 67-46.

    From Caoimhe

  10. Hello Middle Matters,
    I see that you have developed some very helpful strategies to solve math worded problems.

    Some helpful advice from me is to analyse the words that are used in the sum.
    TIP: the language used for division sums include "shared", "groups of", "equally" and "left over".

    Keep up the great work!
    - Peter :D

  11. Hi Middle MY,
    your strategies are very good. My tip is to read over the problem and think of the words that you don't know and look them up in a maths dictionary.

  12. Hi middles! :-)
    I have some suggestions for you.
    1. translate into numbers.
    2. use extended notation.
    3. use your surroundings.
    Will H

  13. Hi Middle MY,
    You first read the word problem and try to find the key words.
    Eg: There are 36 apples and I gave away 14 apples to my friend.
    How many apples did I have left?
    From Vivienne

  14. Hello Middle Matters,

    A strategy you can use is to use your x tables e.g 3x3=9 so that means 3/9=3 :) You can use this if you get a question about putting things in groups, like division.


  15. Hi MMY,

    Read the question carefully to make sure you understand. If you really need to, read the question twice.

    e.g. If I had 244 apples, and I DIVIDE it among 6 buckets. How many apples will be in each bucket?
    Divide means sharing equally, so you have to give an equal number of apples to each bucket.

  16. Hello Middle MY, Math worded problems are not that different, To read a math worded problems you need to understand words for addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, Words like - 'split' (division), 'steal' (subtraction), 'gave' (addition) and 'each want'(Multiplication) Words Like 'We went to maccas and got' are pointless and are not needed!