Sunday, August 11, 2013


Sovereign Hill from Marg Yore on Vimeo.
Lizzy says, "To sum up, Sovereign Hill has been my favourite excursion yet and was a life-changing experience. I feel very lucky to have been able to learn in a really fun, interesting and exciting way."

Ivan thought, "It was very hard to find the speck of gold but, once you found it you felt really good!"

Daniel reflected, "I enjoyed the day because I learnt a lot including how the Eureka Stockade was penetrated and invaded."

Madeline reported, "Gold, news, people, crowds, mines,finds, Eureka! At Sovereign Hill you are given a door into 1850's Australia, at the heart of the Gold Rush....panning for gold was fun and was the thing I was most looking forward to. It is quite a skill and was much harder than I expected....what I enjoyed most about the lesson was the "Detective Box." My group had Samuel Taylor Gill. We discovered from the clues that he was English, an artist and an alcoholic."

Luke added,"I thought it was a good idea to have a person down at the creek to tell us how to pan for gold and then we got to try for ourselves....the mine tour was a real eye-catcher and seeing all the old shops such as the blacksmith and the lolly shop was a real reminder of the olden days."

 Simon, "For me, it was stepping back into the past. I was amazed at how great all the volunteers were at acting and some were quite funny and very entertaining. Walking into the lolly shop was spectacular, as it was just like a land of lollies."


  1. Hi Seniors,
    It was amazing that you were able to step into history and explore the challenges faced by the people in the 1850's during the gold rushes. Many people came with dreams of wealth and riches, but came with little skill or understanding of the task. This influx of people,facing these hardships, brought other talents and helped build the nation we have today. Do we compare the immigrants of today and the impact they will or do have on the nation? How can we learn from history in supporting our new immigrants?

  2. Beautiful reflections! A life-changing experience, really? That makes all of us here feel very proud. Glad you loved the detective box Madeline, it's one of our favorites too.From the Education team at Sovereign Hill.