Thursday, August 15, 2013

Painting Pictures with Words-Characterization

As our inspiration, we used Roald Dahl's "painting with words" as he introduced Miss Trunchbull. We studied and annotated his text before attempting our own description of a teacher, for better or for worse!

Weird, quiet and creepy...that's Mr Bicocca. It has always seemed that he was hiding something. There was always something different and out of place.
Sparkling, blue eyes, glossy blonde hair and a delightful comment every time you walked past. Nothing else could explain why butterflies could land on her finger!
Her misty, minuscule eyes created an immense stare that is the most frightening thing imaginable...her thin, colourless lips spat out random insults. Her long, gnarled fingers were like icicles, cold and irregular in shape...
With her naturally bright smile, Miss Edith is the most beautiful and charming teacher by far. She always wears her pretty purply-blue ruffle dress with her bright and cheery red cardigan. Her cute purply-blue glasses clash perfectly with her bright-and-cheery red flats. Joy, kindness and niceness are her forte...
In her horrifying face, no beauty is seen. She resembles a dares to look into her deadly eyes nor look at her devilish smile that gives children night mares.
The wind was strong and intense. Missy Chatter Chops rushed towards her chaotic classroom tripping and falling right into the closed door. She fell so hard and strenuously that the door fell right off its ancient, rusty hinges. "Oh dear , dear me," her blistery voice cracked and rang in the ears of all in the old, disordered classroom and along the silent, empty hallway.
If you had to describe her, three words would be enough. Just plain mean!  Mrs Toluga was the master of demons. She could control anyone, anyone at all. Her stare was so frightening you would feel as if a whirlpool was sucking you in.


  1. Hi Senior MY,
    Those short descriptions are incredible! I was amazed how entrancing and interesting they were!
    That was almost Year 12 standard in my point of view. I don't know many people who could paint such a picture in only a few lines!
    Your vocabulary was of an extremely high level and I immediately made up my mind who I would want to teach me!
    I particularly liked these short descriptions, as the total grabbed my attention...
    "...master of demons..."
    "..hard and strenuously....blistery voice.."
    "...devilish eyes...children night mares.."
    "...bright and cheery...clash perfectly..."
    "..long gnarled fingers were like icicles.. Thin and irregular in shape..."
    "..bright comment as you walked past...butterflies land on her finger.."
    "..weird, quiet and creepy..hiding something.."

  2. Love reading these remarkable descriptions once again SMY! Keep that magnificent language flowing, and you'll be sure to impress!!
    Mrs Bellesini :)