Friday, August 30, 2013


Notables-Australian History from Marg Yore on Vimeo.

It was really cool staying in character for a
day. I loved looking at others projects and costumes. It was interesting
learning about people that have shaped our history and honouring them. I
could tell that all the classes enjoyed it.  I was
also amazed at how I remembered my information and didn’t need my cheat
sheet. I’m glad we did this project, it was an amazing experience.

Luke This was a very different type of project with many different things to do
e.g dressing up, making artifacts and preparing a poster, poems and
questions. Over all I think this project was one of the best I've had.
It was hard to do because we had to learn all of the facts off by heart and be in character the whole time! I especially enjoyed it because we got to dress up and learn about famous Australians!
Let’s date back to the 1850s or even further to a place to meet our
ancestors and to meet the famous and infamous, the good and the bad
and to meet some remarkable people from long ago and explore their
interesting lives. Friday was a great learning experience for everyone who
was watching and admiring our working and for the people who were actually
doing the work. It was great showing our learning to the people who didn’t
know anything about these people and walked out with their head
overflowing with facts. But you may just be thinking about the
presentation of our knowledge... but how did we find out about these people?
We have been studying these people intensely in class and at home,
trying to find as many artefacts as possible for our presentations and we have been
spending every free minute we had working really hard on our projects and
trying to get as many facts as possible. Overall it was an amazing
learning experience.

Lights, Camera, Action.
Less complaining and more acting.
Less makeup and more ‘in character’.
This was awesome. This was hard.
This was an experience to remember.
 Dresses, Suits, Doctors Cloaks.
 Less Aussie 2000’s and more 1900’s.
 Less Aussie accent and more posh tosh.
This was amazing. This was fun.
“This was an olden days' item.”

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  1. Thanks Seniors for putting on such a good day. I enjoyed coming to the Discovery Centre where I met some great characters from Australian history, who educated me a bit more about their lives. It was great to see the effort that you had gone to, and how you stayed in character and answered questions as though you were those people.
    Well done.