Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Hands on learning- ratio and cordial!

Today we experimented with cordial to learn about ratio and how we can use ratio in real life situations We learnt how to write ratios normally, as a fraction part and a whole. Here is some examples:
Ratio                 Fraction Part                  Fraction whole
1:2                    1/2                                  1/3
1:4                    1/4                                  1/5
Tristian and Ivan

I liked this learning activity because it was hands on and easy to remember because it was a fun activity and everyone enjoyed it . We learn well this way.

Daniel and Georgia

I think that learning in a fun way is a great way to get something stuck in your brain because you remember the fun experience. Now I know that when I have cordial never to put in 3 parts of cordial and 1 part water, yuck - Amber.


  1. Great work Senior MY!
    It is a great way to learn about ratio and fractions especially when you get to make the cordial and DRINK it too!
    It is important to understand how maths is a part of our everyday lives.
    Keep up the wonderful maths learning.
    Mrs Gridley :)

  2. Tristian and Ivan
    I think it is great when we can see why we need mathematical concepts in real life. It makes it more meaningful and fun at the same time !
    What ratio do you think is best?

    Mrs C

  3. Maths is all around us, the more we recognise it in normal living the easier it is to remember!! Great activity.
    Mrs Bellesini :)