Monday, August 5, 2013


For homework we had to create a model of something historical. It had to relate to Australian history, and we could use any materials. At first I had some trouble getting an idea, but I discussed some ideas at home and we thought making Aussie meat pies would be good. We had to make a poster to go along with the project. Here's some information I discovered: the first Aussie Four 'n Twenty meat pie was made in Bendigo in a small bakery in 1947.The Australian meat pie is so well liked around the nation it could almost be termed a national dish. For Aussies the meat pie is the treat of choice when watching sport. Basically this pie consists of a hand-sized pastry filled with minced meat and gravy – although it may also be filled with onion, cheese, mushrooms, chicken, seafood, crocodile, camel, vegetables or other fillings. Typically it is smothered in tomato sauce. It was great making the pies using lots of different ingredients. When I brought the pies to school my teachers helped me. My classmates were very excited and they enjoyed the pies and so did I. Some of the pies were labelled with history pins!


  1. Well as the famous song goes: "Football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars" You have highlighted an important element of our culture. What ethnic group may have brought pies to our Australian landscape? Thanks for sharing
    Mrs C

  2. Great idea. The history of the iconic meat pie is very interesting. I wonder why it was made. I know the pastie was made for the Welsh miners who would take them for supper down in the dark pits. Because they had to pay for their candles they didn't use them when they were eating so they ate them in the dark. As they had dirty hands the edges told them which part to touch and not to eat so they only ate the clean parts. Mrs C has me thinking about the origins of the use of the meat pie. Mrs Clark

  3. Fantastic homework, and very thoroughly done, with cooking and labels with information!! Looks like everyone benefitted!!
    Keep up the great work :)
    Mrs Bellesini :)