Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Today we've spent time time learning more about the effective use of Google Mail.

What I learnt today!

  • how to delete "read" mail
  • how to make a new label (folder) 
  • how to name a new label (folder)
  • how to change the theme of my mail page
  • mail comes from teachers, bloggers, Google Drive comments
  • how to reach my mail in different ways-through the landing page and via Google Drive
Why was today's lesson important to me?

  • it's an easy way for me to see what's happening on my blog or in my work space on Google Drive
  • it's a skill we can use in the future
  • I discovered it's available any time and any where I sign in
  • we receive our feedback from our mail
  • today was important because it's a way of receiving messages
  • it's a way we can communicate with teachers
  • there a way to file important emails
  • we learnt how to use our GMail effectively
  • it leads us to see our mistakes in our files so we can go and fix them

1 comment:

  1. How to make and name new folders is a great skill to learn for your future. I use email folders to help organise my emails into different topics at work and at home, but I only keep the important emails that I need to reread.