Friday, May 13, 2016


Gai writes:
You might be wondering what is Ivory trade. Ivory is something that comes from elephants’ tusks that  people carve into jewellery and statues. Ivory trade  is illegal. The African  government leader  burnt ivory in a stockpile to tell people to stop poaching.In 1989  one leader said, “poaching has turned elephants into refugees. 
Zach believes: Ivory Trading is a huge problem in our world right now. There are approximately 500,000 elephants in Africa but 25,000 to 30,000 elephants get killed every year.
During the clip I watched, I saw people were trying different ways to stop poaching like sending drones, personal training and private places for the elephants.
I feel sympathy for all of the elephants around the world and I am very disappointed with the people who are poaching.

I think that there should be more bans in our countries and people should make more donations for the elephants. I wonder what poaching will be like in the future. I wonder if people have finally inspired poachers to stop what they’re doing or it will improve and the elephant numbers will go down until there nearly extinct.
I learnt a lot about elephant ivory today. I’ve learnt that ivory can be turned into lots of beautiful things. I’ve also learnt that there are a couple of ways to save the elephants such as people using drones to spy on people if they are poaching and then report it.
So, what do you think about poaching?

Tom thought:What I sawI saw hundreds of millions of dollars go up in flames. Even though it is illegal worldwide people would do anything to get ivory.

What I felt:I feel distraught knowing that all of those elephants are getting harmed and dying because of these people. I also feel horrified by what they have done. The Gabon president quotes, “Poaching has turned elephants into refugees.”     

What I wonderedI wonder how  this catastrophic ivory trade happened in the  first place. I also wonder what items have ivory in them that we don’t know of.Are there any problems that you want to talk about and please give some detail?

Luke wrote:

How do you feel about Ivory trade? I feel that we really need to stop killing animals such as elephants.What did I see? I see that they, are getting lonely especially baby elephants.What did I think? I think we are not treating  elephants as we should.What did I wonder? I wonder why people would kill elephants just for their tusks?What did I learn?I learned that people carve pictures  into tusks.

Alexa reflected: Stop poaching! I think poaching elephants is wrong. Poaching is when someone kills elephants or hurts an elephant for Ivory.What is happening?25,000 – 30,000 elephants have been killed every year and most of them from poaching. To stop poaching, countries have been burning ivory to show people that poaching is wrong. A leader even said that poaching is making elephants refugees.How I feel!Elephants are beautiful animals and I think many people feel sad for elephants and so do I!What do I wonderI wonder why people think ivory is more important than our elephants?What I learntI learnt how elephants are being affected by us.I also learnt that we should save our elephants.

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