Monday, May 23, 2016

LEARNING TO CODE - Drivers and Navigators

Today, the year 3's worked in partners and helped each other learn new features on Scratch.  We used the TIPS and in each pair there was a 'driver' - who worked the action and a 'navigator' who read the instructions and advised the driver.

We found it hard at times but we certainly learnt new things.   Here are some of our projects (some not quite finished).  We also learnt that to make mistakes is OK and we need to re-read our programs and 'debug' to fix them. 

  •  Press the SPACE bar lots of times to make them run
  •  Click the Green Flag to start 
  •  Try and predict who is going to win
  •  Have fun


  •  When you think the dog is hungry press on the bone 
  •  When you think the dog needs a drink press on the water 
  •  When you think the dog needs to play press on the ball

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  1. Hi Everybody,
    I am in Amsterdam I am having so much fun. I have been in a windmill,a clog factory and a cheese factory

    Bye from Eva.M😀