Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Today, we again experienced a visit from Catherine, and the group who work with her, at Bahay Tuluyan in the Philippines.Can you imagine having to live on the street, not knowing where your next meal would come from?  We were amazed at how movingly Diana and Robert acted the story of their lives. It was sad to hear how many people walked past Robert as he lay on the street. It was really moving how someone finally took him to hospital and that his life then changed so dramatically.

At Bahay Tuluyan, the students are taught about their rights as children, taught English and experience games, fun and belonging. The stories we heard were heart wrenching. The presenters' lives have been so hard, yet they' re filled with hope.


  1. Hi,
    It was such an amazing oportunity to see how bahay tuluya has helped the children in the Philippines.

  2. Hello there, We are writing to you from St.Brigid's Greystones, Ireland. You seem to have learned a lot about The Philippines. Last term we had a 'Colours of Philippines' Day to raise money for The Philippines. We each brought in two euro and we wore the colours of the Philippine flag. You can see how we did it here: http://photopeach.com/album/xn6a2e
    Isn't it interesting that we both were interested in the Philippines? We have about three per cent of students of our students from the Philippines.
    From Kaylah and Jessica (whose Dad is from the Philippines)