Friday, May 9, 2014


This week one of our fabulous Mums came to talk to us about her work at the Royal Children's Hospital. She works with newborn babies, especially those born early, in the Butterfly Ward. She cares for them day and night and especially after their operations. Some stay a long time before they are well enough to go home. The Royal Children's Hospital is a fabulous child friendly, fun friendly place.

Cooper and Madison.


  1. Very special job for a very special lady.

  2. This job takes alot of patience and love, as you have to care for both the sick babies and the parents. Most times the babies go home, but sometimes, like for my nephew 10 years ago, they go to Heaven and the nurses and doctors were especially caring at that time. So it can be a very happy and sad place all at once. That is why we need to learn about and be aware of each others feelings, as we need to think of others as well as ourselves.
    Keep learning and being grateful for those who look after us!
    Mrs Bellesini :)