Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Today we learnt about war animals. "So what are war animals?" you may ask. They are animals that are used in war and they helped the army by doing things they couldn't do.This included pigeons taking messages, dogs listening for the enemy and cats eating the rats and mice that ate the supplies. Horses, mules and donkeys carried the injured men off the battlefield and carried the heavy supplies. We would love to hear your opinions about this video in the comments below. Here are some comments from the students who are arguing about whether or not animals should be used in war. Report from Tom and Will C.
In Ivan's opinion,"Dogs can be great company. But, they can also be trained to sniff out explosives or listen for the enemy."
In Madeline's opinion, "Animals have been, and still are, help we've always needed. However, this is no excuse for animal cruelty. A long time ago, one thousand horse were sent to war and only one returned."
In Katherine's opinion, "Horses were once used to carry food and most importantly, to help wounded soldiers to safety such as the famous example of Simpson and his donkey. On the other hand, it could be dangerous for animals to be at war with no protection and they could easily be killed, die of hunger or suffer from a lack of water."
In Corinne's opinion, "Animals play a big part in today's society and in yesterday's war and should continue their noble work."

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  1. This is very interesting. We learned a lot of things we didn't know before. We think that a lot of innocent people get caught up in war. We think animals are innocent too and wonder how fair it is that they are involved. However we have heard stories of heroic dogs saving human lives by sniffing out where land mines are. So we are not quite sure what the answer is, but you have given us something to think about. Harry and Senan