Monday, August 20, 2012


Our first book week reviews are hot off the press!!

Jess K: "For all Creatures" is such a quirky and fun book! It shows us that no matter how small you may be, you are still important. It teaches us how important it is to be grateful for life...even for the smallest of insects...all creatures have a life we  need to respect. I thought the illustrations were colourful, bright and exaggerated! They included a bit of fantasy and really set the scene.The sentence I liked was, "for leapers and lily leaves, for rushes, reeds and rivers, we are thankful." I loved this is so powerful and imaginative and it should be rated Children's Book of the Year.

Jia-Yi: The book "For all Creatures" praises all the animals that have been placed on this earth. The theme was being grateful to the wildlife.The author uses imagery and onomatapoeia to make each new description different and unique, such as "for choruses of croakiness" Each and every line is completely different from the other so that it captures the readers' attention and evokes an image of a particular animal and its description. The part of the book that appealed to me most was the ending, "For all creatures, the winged and the walking, the old and the new, we are grateful." This just shows that each and every part of the world belongs there and when you change one piece you change it all.

Harry: "For all Creatures," is a moving story that uses many descriptive words along with the power of onomatopoeia. It shows how important wildlife really is and how beautiful animals really are. The illustrations were filled with brilliant colours and extraordinary patterns and there was not a single, dark, unhappy spot on any of the pages. The book has a certain quirkiness, but in a fun way. I'd like to say that, "For all Creatures" is a great book that expresses our need for animals in an extraordinary way.

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  1. Dear Middle Matters,
    I enjoyed reading your comments on "For all Creatures"? Keep it up, there is a wide world of reading that awaits you.
    Steve [jess's Dad]