Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Book Week is of great value because...

Book week is of great value because:
...we can celebrate the different genres of writing  (Jia-Yi)
...we are exposed to a variety of new books (Jess K)
...learning about new books is a rich experience (Max)
...it encourages us to read more (Hannah K)
...we learn from books (Vanessa M)
...we learn about the different forms of writing (Hailey)
...by studying books we learn to improve our own writing (Ngong)
...we can make connections to our selves, other texts and the world (Chloe O)
...it's a great time for sharing (Simon)
...other authors inspire us (Norhan)
...authors get to share their own experiences (Hannah P)
...authors have the chance to showcase their work (Mrs Y)


  1. It is so great to see everyone exploring the world of reading. What a wonderful world! To travel, to learn, to live and dream, with somebody's idea and your own imagination. Barb P

  2. Reading opens up a whole new world, how lucky we are. Embrace books and enjoy the ride! Linda Somers

  3. Hi everyone,
    As I look at all your faces and hear your reflections I wonder who of you sees yourself as published author. Each blog, each poem, each reflection has the potential to move people, make a difference or change people's perspectives or views.These books you hold are the message of a person with his or her own ideas,their own story, their own creativity.
    Use these books as inspiration for your own writing craft.

  4. Book Week was great. Everyone's responses are positive and mature. Reading is a wondefful thing. You can disappear into a book for hours at a time, wandering through a forest of pages.
    Everyone came as true champions!
    Chloe O'Malley