Tuesday, August 7, 2012

AMAZING DAY AT Australian Centre For The Moving Image

Our current inquiry led us today to the Australian Centre for the Moving Image where we attended a lecture entitled, "Belonging." The discussion and film clips inspired us on our journey to make our own films for "Screen It," ACMI's annual filmimaking competition. Please enjoy our observations after each film clip

The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan

.."everyone can fit in.."
.."everyone was too busy to notice others..."
.."we need to take time to look around...
.."what is really lost in this story?"
..."the friend didn't leave the Lost Thing in the odds and ends place but persisted in finding it the place of belonging..."

My Place

 "when you have a friend, you don't care what others think and say that might be hurtful..."

..."if you were in this situation, how could you help others belong..."
...'offer encouragement, not avoidance..."
..."don't be a bystander when others need you..."
..."it can be so amazing when people feel they belong..."

 What factors do you believe contribute to feelings of belonging?

 Who is excluded in society today?                                                         

How can we as students be more inclusive...help others to belong.         





  1. What are our responsibilities in our context as citizens and humans,as people of God?
    What does inclusiveness look like in action?
    Lots of social, ethical and moral questions we are putting forward.
    Makes you think!!
    How does this relate to filling our buckets?
    Mrs Clark

  2. This is rather weighty material you are dealing with, Seniors. It's also really spot on when discussing the concept of cultural diversity: in our school, neighbourhood, country or globally.
    I look forward to hearing and reading about your discoveries on this matter.

    Ms Scott