Monday, June 18, 2012

GUEST POST from James and Caitie

In the past few weeks we have worked in pairs to learn about a different type of poem. We have researched the Tanka poem.  James and Caitie

What is a Tanka poem?
A Tanka poem is a classic form of Japanese poetry.
It has been used since 1300, the the oldest form of Japanese poetry.
When they wrote them it was often for special occasions.
The Tanka poem has 31 syllables.

After our lesson some of the students wrote a beautiful Tanka.
Jia-Yi wrote:
Cherry blossom trees
Baby pink, white appear
This means spring has come
Adding beautiful texture
To the sunshine coated land
Jessica S wrote:
A radiant beam
Shines across our God's splendors
Vast fields of flowers
A creation of wonder
And a creation of peace

Reflection: We worked well together. Collaborating was fun on this activity. We really enjoyed teaching people about this wonderful type of poem. It was amazing what our class produced from this lesson.


  1. I think the amazing poetry you have written over the last few weeks is testament to the teachers you all are! It is great to see how much we can learn through collaboration! Great learning together - can we put some if these in the newsletter next week?
    If you email me what you have done with a collection of a few different poems it would be amazing to share with the families.

  2. Congratulations on your fabulous tankas! You have used such wonderful imagery to describe the cherry blossom and created a peaceful mood. I'm glad you enjoyed collaborating on the task. I collaborated with my friend, Margaret, when we wrote "Lone Pine" and I agree totally that it is a lot of fun. Keep up the good work!
    Susie Brown