Thursday, June 14, 2012

GUEST POST - JIA-YI-from Senior Primary MY

At the moment, we are learning about different forms of poetry.  Each group researched and practised  a different form of poetry.  Zak and I learnt about free verse poems.

We found out that, Free Verse poems were written in the early 20th century.  A free Verse poem has no rhythym, very few distinct rules or boundaries.  They tend to flow in an uneven pattern, it also has no neccessary structure.  This allows the writer to break from formulas and rigidity.

It has been thought that, every poet that writes Free Verse, makes up the rule for their poem.  Free Verse poems are harder to write simply because you have to make more decisions, whereas in other poems there is a strict number  of lines or stanzas.

This was my first go at writing a Free Verse poem
Yellow is the sun.
Sunbeam shining
Yellow is a happy colour
a sign of a good day ahead,
a sign of a
escape from the
Yellow the inside of
the delicious passion

Chloe: Listening to new people/students teach was very inspiring and kept everyone attentive, as we all had something to teach. This is my free verse poem, written after Jia-Yi and Zac presented:

Blossoms may bloom,
Roses may open,
Lions will hunt,
Coyotes will bite,
Words are written,
Songs are sung,
Blood drips,
Bones grind,
Yet butterflies still glide,
Kittens will cuddle,
Leaves still wither,
Bark still peels,
Seeds are sowed,

While saplings mature.
Blossoms may bloom,
Roses may open,
Flesh will tear,
Guns will fire,
Birds still soar,
Lords of the sky,
The wind's gentle wheeze,
Scatters Autumn leaves,
Smoke smothers,
 And flames devour,
Thorns prick,
And flowers sweeten air.

Blossoms may bloom,
Roses may open,
Earth will shake,
Volcanos will erupt,
Sky is sliced by wings,
Waves lap shores,
There are last breaths,
And tears of grief,
Puppies are bouncing,
Pigs are snorting,
Murder is commited,
Music is played,
A comforting breeze,
Makes pine cones fall.

This is paradise.

Reflection from Mrs Y: What a wonderful experience having Jia-Yi and Zak prepare and deliver the learning about free verse. I loved that, in the end, they knew more about the topic than me! And what amazing writing they inspired. More guest posts, soon.
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  1. Great work Seniors. It is wonderful to see the wonderful that you are all doing. The poems are amazing and the standard and quality of your work is very high. Thankyou for inspiring us with your excellent work.
    Mrs Gridley

  2. My third favorite color is yellow!
    Great Poem Jia-yi!

  3. Wow! Congratulations, Jia-yi and Chloe! I love the vivid imagery you have used in your poetry. What a powerful description of yellow as "a sign of escape from the dark." And Chloe, I don't know if you write music too, but your poem would make an amazing song! Congratulations on your free verse - isn't it great to be able to make up your own rules? Keep writing, everyone!
    Susie Brown

  4. Hi everyone,
    you have written such wonderful poetry. very discriptive, well composed and lovely to read. I could read any of your poems anytime!
    You are all very talented! Keep up the outstanding work SMY!
    Kathy :) [Hannah K`s mum].

  5. I was impressed with these poems.
    Great job.

    (Simon's mum)