Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Congratulations were the order of the day today when a surprise Skype call from Quantum Victoria (a centre of excellence and innovation in Science and Mathematics) informed the Senior Students that one of our students had been awarded the first ever
Minecraft Moderator of the Month Award 

as a student player on Quantum Victoria's Massively Minecraft Server.
This was awarded as Simon had shown wonderful leadership qualities in the online world - helping newcomers, mending damaged areas and having a positive influence on the 'World'.  
Events like this highlight how on-line gaming can allow students to develop their inter-personal skills and demonstrate leadership qualities.  We highly value the support of the Quantum staff in moderating the Minecraft server as it provides a wonderful opportunity for our students to play and learn in a safe and supported environment.

The Quantum team presenting our student with his 'Hammer' and certificate.  


  1. Congratulations Simon - what a great achievement! You will have to come and teach me one day.
    From Mrs Kennedy

  2. Well Done Simon - great work
    Lynda (Jess KS Mom)

  3. WOW Simon thats a great achievment!

  4. It was a huge suprise! I was wondering why we were doing this! I can't believe I got it!



  5. Congratulations Simon, well done! That's wonderful news. You must feel very excited about receiving this award.

  6. This is great news!
    There are a lot of children at my school who are into Minecraft and we are trying to think of different ways to use it to help us with our learning.

    Can we organise a time to talk to you guys about it? We are at St Joseph's in Mernda.

  7. Hi senior MY
    It is a minecraft player will b I brock my first diamond block and I made a pix axe.I am good at minecraft.