Thursday, March 3, 2016


At Monday morning prayer, the Seniors presented us with "Lent in a Bag." Today we explored one of the objects -the candle - and read from Matthew's Gospel 5:14-16 ..."You are the light of the world!" 

Thanks Seniors!


 Our Reflections 

Declan: Showing other people the way...being the light to other people...being seen as the light like Jesus.

Patrick: We are called to be the light of other people's world. When your friends are in the dark, we are there to light their way. Don't blow out someone's light. It would be like being alone in the dark

Caitlin: The candle means to be a light in the world...make a difference in the the light for someone and make it a more fair and kind world!

Rose: The candle represents Jesus, because jesus is the light of the world. We can light up somebody's world by being Good News and by reaching out in love and mercy! 

Hannah A: The light means to show people the way and not to be a bystander. Be the one who helps them the good way, not the bully's way.

 Jordi: The candle means to shine your light on one another, to make people happier when they are feeling down. The candle is like Jesus beacuse he is the light of the world. We can also light up other people's world.



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