Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Notes to Text
What Worked Well (WWW)
Even Better If (EBI)

Alexa: I liked the way we worked in steps to learn the skills
Eva: I liked that we learnt at our own pace
Ava: I liked the process we followed
Tom: I liked how we really revised each step
Luke: I enjoyed using the Chrome book for research
Lucas: I liked how we learnt the skills ahead of time.
Declan: I liked researching the facts myself
Caitlin: we had more conversation with partners beforehand
Ben: more collaboration
Hannah B: more collaboration with groups on the same topic
Ava: more whole class brainstorming
Alexa: more sharing of ideas beforehand

Topic Sentences

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  1. Dear Middle Matters,

    Congratulations on your thoughtful and constructive feedback for Mrs Yore! Mrs Yore will be pleased to hear what worked well to help you with your learning and she will be able to use your ideas to make your learning even better when she is planning new activities for your class. It's great to see you working together as a team to make learning and teaching the best it can be in your classroom.

    What do you like about being able to give feedback to your teacher? Did you find it easy?

    What a wonderful learning environment you have in Middle Matters...

    Miss Y :)