Thursday, May 22, 2014

Today's Poetry Form - QUATRAIN

After Will and Madeline's lessons:

Corinne wrote: ABBA
His big, heavy hooves fell deep in the snow
Shaking away his frosty white hair
His bones ache yet he doesn't care
A long journey worth to see the northern lights glow.

Jamie wrote: AABB
As the leaves start falling down
It's part of the circle of life that's going round and round!
As the cool breeze starts coming on
I can't hear the birds singing their song.

Ivan Chan wrote: AABB
Swaggering along
Singing this song
Eating my chips
Lickin' my lips!

Jonathan wrote: AABB
 Going on a mission
To do some fishin'
Caught one fish
Going on my dish!

Akon wrote:AABB
At the bay
Wanting to stay
Mum said to go
But I said, "No!"

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