Friday, February 15, 2013


Piet Mondrian from Marg Yore on Vimeo.


  1. Well done Senior MY!
    Those art pieces were really abstract and creative!
    I love how different people experimented with different colours and shapes!
    Chloe O

  2. As always your art pieces are inspiring and interesting. You have captured once again the essence of the artist- Mondrian. Many people think his art looks fairly simple - but like you have commented Chloe it is about the colour and shape which bring his work to life and add a certain dimension to the work!
    It's pretty amazing to see how you have all captured his style - great job!
    Look forward to following your Learning through the weeks ahead!
    Hope you are all helping the new preps along and being the wonderful leaders you were destined to be! Enjoy

    1. Dear Ms Egan,
      It's great to see you on the was a great surprsie. Thank you for looking at our art work. Visit again soon!

      Senior MY

  3. Hi Everyone,
    I really loved doing this art piece and cant wait to do more.
    The reason I am not at school today is because I think I have sprained my thumb last night at the picnic.
    Can't wait to see you all.
    From Nic

    1. Hi Nic,
      Thanks for your comment. We hope you are alright and your thumb is okay. We are looking forward to doing art with you this Thursday. We hope to see you soon from Joe and Jacob. S. :]

  4. Hi Senior MY
    I really loved doing art with the inspiration of Mondrain's artwork. Everyone's work was unique. It was fun to decide how big to make each box and where to put what colour. Once we did the colour it looked good, but when we added the black lines it really completed the artwork. I would love to do something similar later this year.
    From Madi :)

  5. Hi Everyone,
    Doing that art was a great inspiration for us, I hope we can do more things like surrealism. doing the Mondrian work was a lot of fun, mine was a bit hard because the oil pastels smudged everywhere.
    Hope to comment again soon, Norhan :P