Tuesday, June 5, 2012


We are learning about the MODE, MEDIAN and MEAN of a set of numbers! Firstly, we collected data on how many push ups each student could do in 30 seconds. There was a wide range  of scores! From the scores, we calculated the mode, median and mean...but, we would like to hear of some more situations that would help us practise our calculations.

                      Now it's your turn to help us!

Challenge our math-a-magical class with some great ideas to see how average we can really be!!! What scenarios could we use to practise our skills?

Our definitions:
mode: in a set of scores the mode is the score that occurs the most
median:a type of average-the middle value of an ordered set of values
mean:average of a number of different amounts


  1. Thanks for reminding me about mode, median and mean. Very important when you are interpreting all sorts of data.Very useful understandings for future learning.
    Have fun with your Maths.
    Mrs Clark

  2. How much water do you drink each day?
    What time do you go to bed- on a school day/ on weekends?
    What time do you get up?
    What size shoe do you wear?
    I'll check in to see to answers and give more questions if you like!!
    Have fun Mrs Bellesini

  3. I learnt alot from mode mean and median.

  4. That was a great and fun activity to do with the class! Doing push ups was awesome! Learning MODE, MEAN and MEDIAN was good to learn a.bout!