Monday, May 21, 2012


Fermi Problems-Enrico Fermi studied physics and Maths. He liked to pose seemingly impossible questions. “Fermi Problems” celebrate his ability to estimate and play around with problem-solving! NOW...see if you can think like us learn like Fermi by posing a Fermi Problem for our Mathematically crazy class!!! An example we used today was, "How many cans of dog-food do our neighbourhood dogs consume in one night?" Another Fermi Problem I remember is my uncle asking my dairy farmer Dad how many milk shakes his cows could provide in one year!

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  1. There are 74 children in our school in 3 classes. We have a new willow tunnel. The little kids like it best. We have 3 playtimes, 2 x 15 mins, 1 x 40 mins. How many times a day is our willow tunnel run through? (For help, you can see a picture of our willow tunnel at