Sunday, July 3, 2011


The Middles have been inspired by the artworks of Australian artist, Russell Drysdale, to create desert landscapes.
  • Who is your favourite Australian artist?
  • What inspires you about that artist?

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  1. Amazing Art pieces MMY! A really fantastic display of your creative talents.
    From Mrs Kennedy

    I love the art of a contemporary Australian artist Camilo Villanueva.
    He uses the most amazing colours and details. I love the vibrancy and enjoy using my imagination to figure out what the images could mean.
    I love your artwork. Great landscapes.
    Mrs Gridley

  3. Hello Middles,
    I love all of the art
    on the Slideshow it
    is a really good way
    of presentation to
    Show everyone
    From Gmckenna

  4. Wow! I love this art work and feel very inspired. I am going to try something similar with my class in England. During our independent writing we are going to write you some letters. We hope you will reply too. If you look on our blog, we have been learning about aboriginal stories in our literacy work. Miss Martindale (

  5. Fantastic art work Middles and what a fabulous way to present it.
    Kirsty Alderton

  6. Hi I am zara I am from bearwood primary schoool. I think your artwork is fantastic. The trees really stand out. Welll done

  7. To everyone who commented,
    Thank you for taking the time to visit our blog.Your feedback inspires us to do more wonderful artwork!

    The Middle Matters

  8. Hi Middle Matters.

    I think your art is very clever and this is a great way to present it. Well done.

    Gerard Kinsella ( Nics Dad ).

  9. Dear Middles,
    The way you gave each piece of art your own interpretation made each one something special.